Royal Mix

Traditionally handpicked Brazil Nuts, Pine Nuts, Pecan Nuts, Hazelnuts join in an orchestra of wholesome nutrition! Add to them a medley of crunchy baked Almonds, Cashews and Pistachios for a good measure. And you have an energetic nutrient diet regime enough to lead a Formula-1 active lifestyle forever. It's the health-conscious dream come true!

Berries Mix

Berries are undoubtedly the planet’s best diet for complete wellbeing and a quality life. Delight Nuts’ combination of berries comprise star favorites like Blueberries, Cranberries, Goji Berries, Strawberries, Golden Berries and the ever-fascinating Cherries – nutritional superfoods from four continents in one pack! Our berries are your access key to the planet’s most beneficial vitamins, proteins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, dietary fiber and minerals that keep you physically strong, youthful, and absolutely lively in mind and body! As doctors often say, “cut worries... have berries!” We can’t agree less!

Natural Mix

We like to call our Natural Mix a ‘Health-a-thon’. And it’s rightly so. This fruit ‘n nuts collection features crunchy Almonds, smooth Cashews and appetizing Pistachios with a nutrient-rich army of sweet and tarty Green Raisins, Black Raisins and Apricots. Toasty-baked nuts mingling with chewy dried fruits are favourites among kids and guests. And if you’re not sure about having a lunch break on a busy day, quick bites from this pack delivers enough energy and nutrients to spread over two filling luncheons. Time to reserve your place in the Health-a-thon!

Trail Mix

Take a plunge into a tantalizing blend of dried blueberries and cranberries from wild and rambling forest trails. Dig through our pack full of crisp-baked heart-friendly Almonds, Cashews and Pistachios sprinkled with a crunchy peppering of Pumpkin Seeds. Sweet and tarty Apricots join this Vita-Mineral-rich blend backed up by an antioxidant sprinkle of Black and Green Raisins. A healthy brunch or spread-on for your dessert… choose your trail!

Exotic Mix

Delicious must make you exclaim EUREKA! Our fruity ‘n nutty mix featuring a delectable array of dried papaya, guava and mango mixed up with roasted cashews, almonds and pistachios for a wholesome snack that adds up to a pleasant stunner. Make your snack-time special with some of the most enchanting and healthy treasures from the world over. Make your life exotic!

Seeds Mix

Resistance is deliciously impossible when you have the delectable Seeds Mix pack from Delight Nuts in your hands! Here’s an ideal mix of nutty-flavoured Flax Seeds, chewy Pumpkin Seeds, nutrient-rich Watermelon Seeds and crunchy Sesame Seeds to provide your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers and several other nutrients to keep yourself energetic and your body healthy throughout the day, day after day. Complete nutrition and fitness is the result for your family when you have a few spoons of these seeds with your daily breakfast or meals. Seriously… these are seeds for your needs!

Tang 'n' Chiz

A fulsome bunch of cranberries and wholesome crunchy almonds get an exciting makeover as they team up with spice and cheese! Tantalize your breaks or meals with mouthfuls of the irresistibly tasty superfoods inside. Or excuse yourself to have all the nibbles for yourself in one super-munch. So why wait? Grab a Tang 'n' Chiz. Revisit your cheeky self... NOW!

Chatpata Mix

Kicking out unhealthy oily snacks from your diet and having a nibble that is wholesome and spicy at the same time is now as easy as opening a pack. This pack, to be exact! Chatpata Mix from Delight Nuts is a sassy mélange of nuts pepped up with saucy condiments to shock, awe and please. Pamper your taste buds with aromatic flavours of black pepper, ginger, asafoetida and fresh mint and put a surprising twist to your mood with the tangy tomato-mango combo. Put life back in your parties and spice into your family time. Enjoy the special Indian Fruity Nutty Bhel!